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Continued from here.

We departed Chipping Campden with fond hopes of returning one day, and set off on our second week of vacation: in London!

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After saving vacation time and money for over a year, my husband Bob and I were finally ready for another big adventure in 2012: one week in the English countryside, and one week in London!

We actually made this trip back in September, but I've only now (over my holiday break) found time to write up my notes into a real report. So, here it is!

I love reading exhaustively-detailed trip reports, so I am probably going to go overboard. I'll divide it into two posts, and include a list of resources at the end for anyone who might find them useful.

There's also a photo album on Picasa, here.

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All those people who say it rains all the time in England and that the food is terrible are liars. Liars I say!


We just got back yesterday from two weeks in England. We spent the first in the Cotswold region, based in Chipping Campden, and the second in London, based in Chelsea. It was fabulous, and I have a bazillion pictures to share. But I will restrain myself for now and simply point anyone interested to a selection I’ve put up in a Picasa album here.

I’m going to be posting a more detailed travel journal as well, but that will probably trickle out over the next few weeks in dribs and drabs. Thank you to all of you who provided suggestions and guidance!

(And seriously, it rained for about three hours total during our entire trip, two of which were early in the morning. And the food was amazing, especially in London.)

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